“James Passey is a rare breed today. A true troubadour of song. There’s something eternal and ancient about his passion – all the great songwriters came from this place.
His voice is a mixture of dust and light. The real deal.”

Martin Page; Legendary Songwriter
(Bernie Taupin, Robbie Robertson (The Band), Tom Jones, Burt Bacharach, Barbra Streisand, Robbie Williams)

“Something about a simple guitar and singer when done well that draws you in. Then the song ,the sentiment and the atmosphere have to keep you there. ‘Dead ends ‘ does this and you don’t notice the time signature changes.” … I think/ hope it’s a compliment about signature changes ! 🤠

Pick Withers … , Drummer : Dire Straits ( Dire Straits , Communique, Making Movies, Love Over Gold). Bob Dylan “ Slow Train Coming” and Bert Jansch etc

“James Passey is carrying the torch for classic English folk songwriters, he also has a way with deft fingerstyle guitar in the tradition of John Martyn and Davey Graham etc .. all topped off with a soulful but real voice. Humility, warmth, class. Shockingly good stuff.“

Nick McCabe, The Verve

“Raw and evocative lyrics with songs of heartache that so many can relate to, James Passey has found a way to your soul. That alone has had a multitude of established artists only too keen to contribute to his music, adding creative input to his voice and guitar. And with that, glowing endorsements. But hey, don’t take my word for it, discover him yourself and ride the talent train. You won’t be disappointed. In fact you’ll owe me a pint”

Tony Michaelides, Legendary Music Industry PR Guru ( U2 , Sting, David Bowie, Massive Attack, Bob Marley, Peter Gabriel . The Stone Roses etc etc ) Also Radio Host at Picadilly Radio where he took over from Mark Radcliffe and Sony Award Nomined several times

“Absolutely love this guy he’s one amazing Singer/Songwriter !
I put him up there with John Prine, John Martyn, Bon Iver, City and Colour, Ray LaMontagne, Neil Young Yusuf ( Cat Stevens), David Gray and many more!

Paul Goodger , Guitarist/ Musician. A Fan

“It turned out great! It was such a pleasure to be included in Mim and James’ new project! Enjoy!”

Legendary bass player Leland Sklar ( James Taylor , Carole King , Jackson Browne, Stevie Wonder, Phil Collins etc.)

“GTFOH This stuff is ridiculous… now you’re one of my favourite guitar players… so good man, so good!”

Nick McCabe (The Verve) on track “Dead Ends”

After nearly 50yrs in the music business, 35 of them in the London Symphony Orchestra, collaborating with some of the finest artists in the world (André Previn; John Williams; Nanci Griffith; Frank Zappa; Elvis Costello; Emily Sandé to name but a few) I hope I could be forgiven for thinking that I’ve seen and heard it all. And then out of the blue along comes James Passey. To hear songs so lyrical and musical is a joy when everything else seems to sound the same. His voice is mesmerising, and his writing refreshing. His guitar playing is a delight. I can’t wait for more. Hope it’s not too long before the next EP.

Hilary Jones, 35 years as cellist with the London Symphony Orchestra

“Beautiful song and video that conveys life in this ever troubled world. Submerged in many things to a likeness of being underwater. Learning to swim and needing more time to reach the end of the challenge. James has learned to write these songs that have the power to carry us to these destinations. Powerful songs and imagery that tell us we can get to a better placement. In the right hands this artist has the potential to reach millions. An artist to be excited about again…….a blessing for many!!”

Scott Amstutz, (Musician , Songwriter , Promoter. from Chicago USA). Re track “ Need A Little Longer”

“James Passey is a throwback – in a good way! Well crafted songs, beautifully recorded with a stellar supporting cast, and meaningful lyrics to go with strong melodies. Sync departments please take note!!”

John Altman, BAFTA and EMMY Award Winning Composer and Musician ('Titanic movie soundtrack', Jimi Hendrix, Sting, Jimmy Page, Van Morisson, Conductor at The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)

“Empires” gives me chills EVERY TIME i listen to it! I love it with just you & your guitar! You can hear your beautiful guitar skills and your unique but AMAZING voice! You truly are a style of your own, people will listen & say: “Ah, that’s a Passey song!” Can’t wait to turn on the radio, here in the US, and you be blasting from my radio! 🇺🇸 ❤️ 🚀.

Linda Smith Manns ( a fan ) West Virginia USA

“James Passey’s songs are like a glimpse into the past –
to a time when popular music could, and did, change the World.”

Martyn Swain, Emmy Winning Composer / Producer/ Arranger & Bass Player ( The Waterboys, World Party, Robert Plant, David Bowie, Sinead O’Connor Julian Lennon, Ron Sexsmith etc )

“Omg ! This is James picking Passey !
This is the singer I have been waiting to meet !
He is so original,
His guitar playing weaves around you and his hypnotic singing
Captures your heart.”  

Chris Kimsey, Legendary Producer | Engineer ( The Rolling Stones, Peter Frampton, INXS, Duran Duran etc )

“James Passey is a rare breed today. A true troubadour of song. There’s something eternal and ancient about his passion – all the great songwriters came from this place.
His voice is a mixture of dust and light. The real deal.”

Martin Page; Legendary Songwriter, (Bernie Taupin, Robbie Robertson (The Band), Tom Jones, Burt Bacharach, Barbra Streisand, Robbie Williams)

“A pleasure to work on James Passey’s heartfelt songs. A troubadour well worth checking out !”

Kevin Armstrong, Producer & Session Guitarist / Collaborator with David Bowie / Morrisey/ Iggy Pop)

“Lovely guy and great songs ! Definitely worth tracking down to have a listen to !”

Maggie Reilly, (Moonlight Shadow / Mike Oldfield, Cado Belle etc)

“So GOOD!! So refreshing to hear some brilliantly produced Rock and Roll, great vocals and guitar, great production, cool song,  so much needed right now.”

Marcella Detroit

“James has the ability to finger pick guitar as well as any of the originators, and has a voice that can convey emotion that’s unapproachable. What separates him from his contemporaries is his song writing ability… It’s the best of the past with a connection to the future that is truly able to heal your soul.”

Rog Mogale, Producer / CEO of Void Acoustics

“lovely song… reminds me a little bit of Nickel Creek” re track ‘Talk Forever’

Mo Foster… legendary session bass player (Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, Sting etc)

Mo Foster

“Sublime”  “absolutely in love with this track“
Re tracks Dead Ends & She Don’t Call

Legendary Producer Chris Kimsey, (The Rolling Stones , INXS, Yes, Peter Frampton , Curt Smith etc etc)

‘A song with all the ingredients for greatness – lots of warmth and feeling. Best of all – you’ll want to keep playing it!’

Track   ‘Leave This World Behind’

Dennis Sinnott, Former CEO of EMI Publishing

“Songs from the heart…and reminiscent of early Bert Jansch”

Gordon Giltrap (MBE), Acoustic Guitar Legend

“James is a very talented musician and songwriter. He has wonderful ideas, knows his own mind and comes up with brilliant songs. It was quite an honour that he chose to come to me after a long period out of the studio. We recorded “Leave This World Behind” which I’m extremely proud to have been part of!”

George Shilling, Producer (Steve Winwood, Primal Scream, The Soup Dragons, The Cardigans etc etc)

“James is a unique talent … haunting melodies & epic tunes!”

Steve Blacknell, (BBC1, Radio 1, Mtv (London Calling) and A&R (Decca|Jive|London Records)

“Really great melodies… right up my street!”

Nick Brine, Engineer|Producer: (Oasis, The Verve, Arctic Monkeys, Bruce Springsteen)

“I came across one of James’ videos on Instagram…loved his songs and his guitar work! I immediately asked him to be an Audiobridge endorsed artist!”

Andrew Perusi, Audiobridge (USA) Director of Artist Outreach