JAMES PASSEY is a naturally gifted songwriter and musician. Picking up a guitar at the age of fifteen he began writing songs almost
immediately, inspired by artists such as James Taylor, John Martyn, Van Morrison and Tom Petty.
WITH no formal musical education but with a natural ear for melody he quickly developed his craft, which he would develop further – gigging 
the venues and pubs of North Kent and London.
HE started writing again in earnest a couple of years ago, and things have begun to take off with a couple of simple acoustic recordings.WHILST watching TV one night in his upstairs flat in Gillingham, Dorset – a tune wandered into his head and in minutes it had been captured on 
his I phone – complete with TV noise!  Producer Rog Mogale heard it – went to work and ”Dead Ends” now has 16 k views on Facebook and has had
an amazing knock-on effect!
HE has now attracted attention from a slew of rock and roll greats – everyone from The Verve’s Nick McCabe and pop icon Marcella Detroit – to James Taylor’s long time bass player Leland Sklar – and legendary Jeff Beck sidekick Mo Foster, all of whom have praised his talents – and
likened him to some of the great singer songwriters of yesteryear.

IT’S AMAZING ” says Passey. ”From absolutely nowhere I am suddenly getting plaudits from people I’ve admired through the years. It’s crazy!”.

INDEED it appears his Facebook networking is paying dividends, and points to an alternative to the current obsession with algorithms 

and Spotify playlists.

”I DO acknowledge they have their place”, says Passey, ”But I’m proving there is another way to get recognition. It’s not enough to rely on the
machinery – you need human contact and an understanding of your material and what it needs to succeed. There’s a place for both”.

YOU can hear the result of all this work and more as the infamous Sklar joins Passey on his debut self-titled debut EP – which features the 

buzz track and three other originals.

AS the word spreads – so the story evolves – about a chap on a sofa in a beanie hat who thought he’d sing a little song into a mobile phone.

ROCK AND ROLL … You gotta love it!

JAMES PASSEY” the EP is released April 16th through Beanie Records.
For all enquiries – Steve Blacknell here at teeheesb@yahoo.com or 07973656201